Flooring Design Ideas for Residential Buildings

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April 5, 2018
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Importance of Floors in Buildings

A floor is an essential aspect of a building or home and if you fail to pay attention to the condition it is in, you will have yourself to blame. There are varieties of floor designs available to homeowners and each design fits certain requirements. The design preferred would largely depend on a number of factors which may include budget, preference, and functionality. This piece explores seven flooring designs available from a list of choices.

Different Floor Designs

In making a choice of a flooring design, consideration should be paid to the overall look intended to be achieved for the room/home in question. Particular details should be paid to color and designs. Exterior flooring designs would differ greatly from those used in the interior. In the same fashion, the flooring types used for the living room may differ from that used in the kitchen or bathroom area.


These are common designs used in almost every home. They add class and style to your home. It is inexpensive and highly comfortable. In addition to this, there exists a wide range of options that can be added to tiling designs. The beautiful thing about tiles is that you can always throw in a bit or artistry here or there (for example: right in the center of your kitchen floor can house a state of the art contrasting colorful design).

Vinyl Sheets

These floor designs are more conservative and cool. It is made of 100% plastic so it is resistant to moisture and other related damages. It is commonly employed in bathrooms and other rooms where moisture is sure to permeate. They are polished and highly desirable.

How Long Will the Project Execution Take?

It takes a professional home interior designer to know how long it would take for a redesigning process to be complete. This question should be asked even before executing the project. When the duration of the project is known, it would prevent anxiety or unplanned surprises from springing up.

Hard Woods

These are polished wood surfaces. They can be used almost everywhere in the house except for the kitchen and baths. It is better to keep woods out of moist environment to avoid depreciation. For many who don’t know, they also add some form of sophisticated beauty and class.

3D Polymer

If you are a lover of optical illusions creating artistry, albeit, false impressions, you would love the 3D options. They are strong and solid, hygienic and easy to clean. They prevent mold gathering in moist areas. Most importantly, they are highly decorative and classy.

Laminate Flooring

Although it is made of wood, the water issue can be effectively managed if the planks are locked together firmly. These floor design types are easy to install and have a long lifespan with little or no need for re-furnishing.


It is assumed that an old style of flooring design is mostly made of marble/granite and furnishing. This mosaic-type floor topping made by embedding small pieces of marble or granite in mortar still holds its own anytime. Terrazzo can be re-polished thereby giving it that new feel every time.


This is the most common form of flooring design for exteriors. They are ideal flooring types for a residential compound. They are easy to walk on whilst still giving the exterior of the home beauty and class. It is also incredibly easy to maintain.


It always helps to install floors which not only appear exquisite and elegant but which reflect your style. It is also important to use the appropriate floor designs and materials for each room. Having a professional around you will help you make this a reality.

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