How To Choose Kitchen Countertops?

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May 1, 2018
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May 19, 2018

Kitchen Countertops, Choice to Make And Their Differences

Selecting a kitchen countertop just for its appearance is tempting. Unfortunately, the look of the countertop does not take into account your daily lifestyle. So one of the key considerations to analyze first is maintenance.

How much or how little maintenance are you willing to do? It may sound like a stupid question. But maintaining your countertop is right for the beauty and long-term functionality of your kitchen.

Common Kitchen Countertops


In recent years marble has begun to popularize. The elegant looks often offer a lightweight contraceptive solution that can visually open up space. In addition, marble is incredible if you are passionate about making cakes. The material tends to remain constant in temperature, making it easier for pastry dough to be rolled and manipulated more easily.

However, marble is also one of the most intricate and easy to maintain surfaces. It tends to stain and etch. This means that everything from the glass of wine that was spilled and flying pieces of salad in a damp sponge or dirty spoon can quickly mar its surface.


Granite is one of the most commonly used natural stone countertop. Offering an ultra-durable and relatively little maintenance surface. In addition, it comes in a wide range of colors from black to beige to white and green.

However, not two pieces of granite are the same. This means that looking at a small sample does not always match with what is delivered. When working with granite, it is best to see the complete slab when selecting.


Relatively new in the countertop market, Denton began gaining popularity due to its striking appearance and an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. Similar to quartz, this man-made product is exceptionally environmentally friendly and requires little maintenance. Made from crushed glass, these unique countertops are surrounded by transparent acrylic or embedded in concrete.

Although Denton is relatively strong, the angles can crack under extremely heavy weight. In addition, very acidic foods or powerful cleaning products can cause the surface to be marred and/or stains on the surface.


Wood is appreciated because of its extremely natural and warm appearance. A large butcher-block counter can instantly make a kitchen feel homier. In addition, the softer surface is easier for knives and any dishes that any member of your home drops.

Wood can also be a very environmentally friendly solution for homeowners because they can choose the use of reclaimed wood.

Ceramic tiles

Unlike a single surface, tiles are installed in a pattern or style. Sometimes these patterns are simple, like large rows of squares. This is often a more affordable option for homeowners. (It is also important to note that marble and granite tiles are often used as a cost-effective solution).

Alternatively, tiles countertops can be incredibly complex. They can present a wide range of colors and patterns. Some homeowners like to have a custom design that works as an integrated artwork.


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