Pulling Off Hardscaping Design Ideas

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January 30, 2018
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Interior Painting for Homes and Offices
February 12, 2018

Looking to renovate the exterior of your house?

As we advance intellectually, our desire for style and elegance becomes more acute. Apart from the outfits we adorn and the gadgets in our care, we extend our panache to our homes and the surrounding design. This phenomenon has raised our consciousness about outdoor designs and hardscaping is one of the concepts which has the world on its feet.

What is Hardscaping?

Any design which relies on hard-structured natural or man-made materials for construction is a hardscape design. The details of hardscaping include stones, pebbles, brick, sand, wood, metal, etc. When speaking with your designer, you should also consider elements like your driveway, drainage, stairs, stone walls, walkways, etc.

Swimming pools, man-made ponds, and streams, fountains, etc. all require proper hardscape detailing to keep the water feature. This is a better option compared to draining the water into the earth. Firepits, stone barbecues, patios, and decks also employ hardscaping designs.

On the other hand, plants, bushes, dirt, flowers, etc. all belong to the softscaping category. Softscaping is the aspect of landscaping which is concerned with plant and growing things. In a way, both designs are connected. Hardscape designs aim to protect softscaping materials from external factors. Picture a brick pathway and primroses around the path. Flowers lined around a pond is another description.

The rustic and scenic look hardscaping gives a home makes it endearing, however, before executing your hardscape designs, it is important to take note of some common mistakes people make. The aim of this article is to provide you with a consummate knowledge of hardscaping do’s and don’t’s. Put it into practice the next time you request for hardscaping services and you’ll be glad you did. Hire Professionals This is not the time to decide to be cheap. Besides, there are many affordable hardscape designers out there. SO, what is your excuse? After hiring, sit down, make the designer know your thoughts. What do you aim to achieve? What inspired your choice? What is your intended budget? Do you have any model designs? You should explain any special needs you have and if it can be achieved. You should understand that these guys are professionals, not magicians. They cannot get into your mind unless you allow them. Also, remember that they are experts with years of experience, they know every form of trick or method to employ and they can save you a lot of money.

Consider the Entire Landscape

The thought of your whole home covered in rugged looking materials is quite appealing. However, you should take a second look at the entire area available to you. Ideally, you ought to have a plan for the whole area. Better still, employ the services of a professional. Such an expert will know places which might eventually require softscaping designs. You will also have an idea of the places to totally avoid. This will save you future renovation costs.

Draining is Important

Unless you are comfortable with being surrounded by an unwanted pool of liquid meant for the drain, you should give this a deep thought. When you ignore the drainage requirements of your building, you are prone to error and sooner or later, you will mess-up your hardscape design. With the impact of global warming becoming more prominent, you should try to factor in environmental consideration.

Balance the Hardscape Materials

To pull this off, you will require the services of a professional hardscaping designer. When you make use of elements which are too linear, you create an atmosphere which appears unnatural; as though the style is forced. Curves and other shapes should be included such that the transition effect of the hardscape materials is subtle, yet pronounced.

Don’t Neglect the Greens

Stone is good, concrete is good, but a hardscape design without a form of softscaping gives off a rather harsh look. It is understood that some regions cannot afford to implement any style of vegetation due to the weather. This is only permitted for those in the sub-Saharan or the southwestern area. Another reason why you should include some softscaping materials is for safety. If you have kids in your family, sooner or later, they will need to go outside to play. If there’s no grass to run on or a little lawn to play on, injuries are certain.

Buy Extra

While using materials like brick, stone, pebbles, etc. you should consider buying a little more than you need for the project. This is because they can always be used to accessorize the building. You should also avoid getting cheap, inferior materials. The stress and cost of repair or replacement are not just worth it!


Congratulations! You have successfully learned the tricks of the game. Feeling like a pro yet? Well, you should. Now, go on and start sharing the knowledge of hardscaping designs to your loved ones.

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