Questions to Ask Your Home Interior Expert before executing a Project

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March 27, 2018
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Who is an Interior Designer?

Home interior redesigning requires the knowledge of a credible home designer and the focus of this article would be the appropriate questions required to ask the chosen re-designer. This article gives detailed tips on the pertinent questions to ask your home interior designer in order to engender a smooth process. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

What is the Track Record of the Interior Designer?

For some, this question might be inappropriate because gainsays the designer's credibility. However, when you consider it critically, questioning the credibility of the designer is far better than ending up with a terrible home interior project.

Also, some interior decorators have experience in certain areas of home interior designing. For example, some home designers function well with the use of extremely bright colors and luster concepts while some are adept at merging bland colors to reflect melancholy and mystery.

Picking a professional not suited for your job description, even though such person is versatile in other areas will come off as a debacle.

What is the Cost of Designing?

What the entire cost of the redesigning process would be is another important question to address. A good answer will be your budget. This will go a long way in ensuring a smooth process. Most times, cost implications could botch excellent jobs due to inferior materials, lackadaisical approach to work, etc.

How Long Will the Project Execution Take?

It takes a professional home interior designer to know how long it would take for a redesigning process to be complete. This question should be asked even before executing the project. When the duration of the project is known, it would prevent anxiety or unplanned surprises from springing up.

Do you have any Brand Affiliate?

For contractors, there’s a tendency to patronize certain brands which offer incentives, even though this might not be best for the homeowner. For example, a certain style of material can be used by the project manager, even though it isn’t the best fit, but just because the manager stands to benefit from the arrangement.


You shouldn’t be scared of asking the questions. Home interior designers don’t bite. The worst that could happen is that you might not get adequate answers and this should be a signal that you should steer clear such professional.

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