A quality floor sets the tone at home. Whether you are looking for comfort, warmth, relaxation or wealth and prestige, nice flooring will give you the foundation you are looking for. The perfect choice of flooring will give any room an elegant and spacious touch. In addition, improvements in floor remodeling provide durable style and timelessness in any room in your home. Upgrading the house with a new floor installation will enhance the look and feel of the entire house.

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When deciding on a new floor, different options and styles can be very irresistible. At Sunshine Builders, Inc., our design consultants can help you make a decision based on the style of the room and the floor that you will like. We offer various types of carpets, hardwood, tiles, LVTs and even concrete floors. Beautiful wooden floors in the house or ceramic tiles in the kitchen can also increase the value of reselling the house. No matter the floor, we can do it.

We have seen trends in the flooring industry and technologies are developing over time and have acquired the knowledge and experience we are proud of today. We have gained a unique status in the flooring industry through our relationship with floor manufacturers, product experimentation and our trained and experienced installers. We can help our customers select the right kind of floor material and installation for the specific use of any space.

Those who value comfort often prefer rugs. Frieze is a great choice for families with small children or pets. It's incredibly durable and long-lasting, and the carpet fibers have a loose structure. It pulls dirt to the bottom, where it's easy to vacuum and maintain. Its short, twisted structure makes stain and footprints less visible.

Contact Sunshine Builders, Inc. today for all your flooring needs. Our experienced flooring contractor will meet you and provide you with Free In-Home Consultation. You can choose from hardwood floors, laminate floors, concrete floors, tile and marble floors and more. Flooring installation is our specialty! Call us today!

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Sunshine Builders, Inc. is a licensed and experienced flooring contractor. We offer our customers endless flooring options that fit any budget and style.
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Quality and speed: these are two points where we focus on during remodeling. We strive to offer the best available materials this is why we do not rely on distributors.

We take care of the entire remodeling process, which involves design, planning, material selection and construction. This simplified approach is transformed into fast results without sacrificing the quality of the workforce.


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