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Stucco & Paint

Stucco in Los Angeles is becoming more and more popular! Many homeowners are looking for maintenance free solutions for the exterior surface of their homes, and Stucco has become one of the main options. Stucco is color-fast, does not chip or peel off, and adds a clean and modern look to the exterior of the house. The strict weather conditions and architectural styling in California made the stucco an obvious alternative to outer coating and brick exteriors.

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Stucco is an expenditure that will completely transform the look of your home and bring you dividends over time as a maintenance-free solution. With a 3-part payment structure and other financing options, we are trying to make the stress-free process as possible.

Our contractors will be happy to work with you on your painting and stucco needs. Stucco is durable, hard, resistant to rotting and fungi, economical and low maintenance, which means it is a plus for your home.

While the stucco is an attractive, durable and popular material here in Los Angeles, cracking is a very common problem. Why? Stucco is rigid, like cement, and as your home changes and settles over time, it can put too much pressure on this inflexible surface coating. This can cause fracture development, especially around the doors and window.

Stucco can also fail prematurely if exposed to excessive moisture. We often see problems that can be attributed to the repeated spraying from a lawn sprinkler or brushing plants against the house.

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At Sunshine Builders, Inc., our philosophy is that "quick fixes" are rarely tests of time. On the contrary, we believe that we must properly complete the work and with materials we have tested and believe in, guaranteeing a sustainable result. Indeed, our patching materials often last longer than the original stucco and thanks to our ultra-sticky, glue-like bonding element.

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Quality and speed: these are two points where we focus on during remodeling. We strive to offer the best available materials this is why we do not rely on distributors.

We take care of the entire remodeling process, which involves design, planning, material selection and construction. This simplified approach is transformed into fast results without sacrificing the quality of the workforce.

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As an experienced repairer, we recognize that customers need not only excellent work but also exceptional customer service at every stage of the project. You will find that Sunshine Builders, Inc. is a priority to provide the services you are looking for.

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