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Sunshine Builders, Inc. is a high-quality multi functional remodeling company that has spearheaded the best home renovations in Los Angeles for decades. Our commitment is to achieve excellent results at every step through our personalized Sunshine project management process. With the help of specialized contractors, from almost every field we translate the ideas of our clients to improve the apartment on concepts inspired at a certain end.

Sunshine Builders, Inc. sets high standards for its knowledge, professionalism and service.

Focused on you

Our most accurate tools are our communication skills. Our raw materials are our professionalism, our experience and dedication to perfection. Every job is as good as the preparation and finishing. So we understand how important it is to listen to you, the customer. Clear communication with each homeowner is an essential part of our process.

Reliable and Honest

Sunshine Builders, Inc. has built its reputation based on sincerity. Some home remodeling companies use abusive behavioral techniques to push their clients to get extra work they do not want. Or it will surprise a homeowner with an account for an additional touch of renovation or more expensive material. Our team is listening and working to help you create a vision within your budget.

Feel free to give us a call and ask us anything you want about your next remodeling project. Our team of experienced remodeling contractors will love to help you turn your dream into reality.

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